Armchair Abby

Lessons for Living in the Zone

My mission in life is to support and nurture the human spirit.  Let's face it, the game of life can be rough.  Setbacks and disappointments are inevitable but how you choose to respond is a choice.  For me, I have found happiness by applying some simple principles that have helped me to live my life "in the Zone."     
What is the secret? 
What is it that causes some of us to succeed in life while others fail?  We all start from the same place.  When we are born we have nothing and when we leave we have nothing. Somewhere in the middle though there is an opportunity to live a fulfilling life and impact the lives of others in a positive way.  The secret is simple and is within your grasp. 

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Welcome to Armchair Abby 
Open your eyes
Listen and learn
Speak the truth
What you see or fail to see can easily steer you off course.  Open your eyes and see the endless possibilities. 
Be open to hearing about and learning from other's life experiences.  Being a good listener will always serve you well.
Always speak the truth.  Honest communication delivered with a caring heart is the key to being heard and making a positive impact.


Love life.

Begin every day with a positive mind-set. Your attitude and how you respond to what happens around you is a choice.

Armchair Abby is here to support you.
Instead of "Let it Be" why not adopt a new mantra of "Let it Be Better."
Abby Road
Life is a Journey

Celebrate your unique self with all of the skills and talents that you have. Your potential is unlimited even if you have yet to  discover all your gifts.

For most of us our arrival in this world comes from humble beginnings.  My start in life came from a small pet store in Camrose, Alberta.. And while I am a proud home town girl at heart,  I think the most important thing in life is not about where I came from but where I am going..  And the same is true for you.  For me, I believe I am on the path to success. and I'd be pleased to have you join me  Let's make the journey together.