Armchair Abby

Lessons for Living in the Zone

The book Armchair Abby - Lessons for Living in the Zone is a handy pocket-sized collection of simple ideas about how we can all live better.  Abby understands that we are all complex creatures with different baggage that we carry around.  But let's not allow that to be an excuse for not moving forward. 
Abby is here to help and she does it in a way that is gentle and to the point. Consider, for example the complex nature of relationships. When conflicts arise how often do we tend to blame the other person? When challenges arise how often do we doubt or second guess our abilities? Or when things go well how often do we take most of the credit?  

As you can see human nature has a defensive side and that may be creating a blind spot and a barrier to our 
happiness. Fortunately for us, Abby has compiled a
simple playbook that is easy to follow and can deliver
gamechanging results.

Some might wonder how a one pound hedgehog could amass such a wealth of knowledge on such important topics. But that would be a case of misjudging the messenger.  There is an amazing wisdom that can be found in some of the simplest relationships. 

This is a Made in Canada playbook that works.

Please note the initial print run of this book has been fully subscribed. Stay tuned for a second project.

Thanks so much for your support!   

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