Armchair Abby

Lessons for Living in the Zone


  1. Encouragement
    My hope is that you will find in my book a message of encouragement that will propel you to become a better you. In life there are no guarantees but I do know this; If you believe you will achieve so why not get started now.
  2. Sharing Well Known Secrets
    My advice is not new but is often forgotten. Success involves a lot of hard work. Rarely do you come across a case where success just falls in someone's lap. Sure we've all heard the lottery winner stories, but this is not what makes a person a success and lottery winners rarely remain wealthy over the long-term.
  3. Trustworthy
    The principles that I share in my book are proven techniques. No half-baked ideas or expensive consultants and no custom designed programs are involved. Just good old fashioned working on the fundamentals. Simple ideas that anyone can implement if you have the will.
  4. A Sweet and Honest Face
    There is an old saying that says you can't judge a book by it's cover. That may be true for a lot of books but not Armchair Abby. The cover by Mishell Raedeke captures the real me. And the pages are filled with practical no nonsense advice and beautiful hedgy pictures that will lift your spirit and make you smile.
  5. On Your Side
    Wherever you are on your journey, it's nice to know that you are never alone. I am Armchair Abby, the pint-sized cheerleader, I am on your side and I am more than willing to share my perspectives and advice on successful living.
  6. Hedgehog Handling Advice
    Unlike many of the hedgehog pictures you see of on the web, sticking us in a glass or pickle jar, putting our head in a toilet roll tube or putting us in a bath tub full of water and watching us paddle for our lives is not fun for a hedgy . We really do prefer a calm, quiet and loving atmosphere and respectful treatment.
  7. Sharing my favorite food
    My favorite food is Ultra-Blend Select Hedgehog Diet. It's specifically made for hedgehogs and I absolutely love it. Look for the yellow box. I get my supply from Pet Valu in Sherwood Park. It's tasty and keeps me in tip top shape.
  8. Sharing my favorite chocolates
    What else would you expect? My favorite chocolates are Purdy's Hedgehogs. The best news is that they are a Canadian chocolatier company and have been around since 1907. What can I say? I love Canadian products.
  9. Sharing my natural preferences
    I am nocturnal so I like to sleep during the day and run on my exercise wheel at night. I am most comfortable at a constant temperature of around 22 - 24 degrees celcius. And I do like to be covered with my blanket most of the time except when I am eating or exercising. Yes, I am somewhat shy and solitary.
  10. Sharing Kindness
    Like the golden rule says, treat others the way you would like to be treated. Apply this thinking in your everyday life and you will find the happiness and contentment that you always wanted.

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